Employment Law

What is employment law?

Australia is a multicultural society incorporating a diverse mix of race, religion and sexual orientation.  The modern workplace needs to balance the needs of the business with the rights and characteristics of its employees.

A sensible workplace is prepared to deal with any issues that may arise during recruitment, employment and termination.  An employer’s obligations start when the decision is made to recruit new staff.  Time should be taken to consider the business’ needs and prepare a complete job description based on the skills required.

You then need to record the expectations of both the business and the employee in an employment contract, and any relevant policies and procedures. If an issue arises with an employee, it needs to be dealt with directly and respectfully. We can help you recruit, retain and say goodbye to your employees.

This section includes information on employment issues, including discrimination, harassment, bullying, termination of employment, and work, health and safety.

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